Why Is AN LPA So Important?


It is painful for us to imagine ever being in a situation where we will not have complete control of our own affairs; but the brutal reality is that disaster can strike any of us at any time. Anyone of any age can have an accident. Many of us will suffer an unexpected stroke or heart attack – and as we live longer an increasing number of us will succumb to dementia. There are currently approaching one million sufferers of dementia in this country and the number is rising fast.


There are eleven reasons, highlighted below, which demonstrate why an LPA could be considered to be just as important and in some cases even more important than a Will.



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11 Reasons Why You Need A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)


1.   You Decide Who Looks After You While You Are Alive

A Will determines who will look after your affairs when you are deceased.  An LPA lets you name the person(s) to look after your affairs if you are incapacitated and unable to make your own decisions while you are alive.


2.  Your Spouse/Family Member Cannot Look After You

No one is legally able to look after you if you are incapacitated, not even your spouse or family member without either an LPA in place or an agreement with a Government body called the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)


3   Joint Bank Accounts Are Frozen

Without an LPA joint bank accounts are frozen if you become incapacitated


4.   An LPA Is Faster

The Court of Protection exists to make sure your family gets the access to your finances that they need if you are incapacitated.  Without an LPA that can take a long time and leave your loved ones facing hardship. An LPA makes it clear who gets access to your money.

5.   Financial Powers Are Limited

Financial gifts are capped, and a court order will be needed to approve more sizeable gifts of your money to other people. Similarly, professional financial advice must be sought for investment decisions on your behalf, protecting you from speculative decisions.


6.   Working With The OPG Is Expensive

The OPG was set up to protect people who have lost the mental capacity to take decisions for themselves.  The OPG charge a setup fee,  annual fees and a fee for each decision they are involved in


7.   No Decision Can Be Made Without OPG Agreement

All decisions must be agreed with the OPG and they charge a fee for doing so.


8.   Drawdown On Equity Release Plans Can Fail

Equity Release draw down plans require the clients to have mental capacity to enact a drawdown otherwise the facility is lost


9.   Decisions Are Made Without Knowledge Of Your Wishes

Your legal next of kin would be consulted about decisions such as resuscitation and life sustaining treatment. The fact that they are consulted, however, does not mean that they will make the final decision.


10.   Social Services Involved In Deciding Your Care

Social Services may need to become involved in decisions as to where you should live and what care you require.


11.  An LPA Provides Peace of Mind

An LPA provides the reassurance that if you are unable to make a decision for yourself in the future, the person(s) you have chosen will do so in your best interests.  This prevents a stranger or someone you may not trust from having this power



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