Single & Joint Wills

Unless you make a will, your estate may not pass to the people you want it to. Should you pass away without one, the law decides how your assets are distributed. People who die without a will (or ‘intestate’ as it is known) can leave their families with complex financial affairs to deal that can take months to sort out

Living Wills

A Living Will is a legally binding option for people wishing to retain control over future medical conditions. It usually gives specific details about medical treatment and life sustaining treatment. A Living Will can only be made by someone who mentally capable ot making such decisions



Will Storage

All client documents are stored in a secure facility . Our secure storage facility provides secure perimeter fencing & electronic access gates, 24 Hour CCTV Monitoring and full protection against fire, flooding & water damage.


Lasting Power of Attorney

If you lose the capacity to take decisions for your self, no one else can, including your spouse. unless there is a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.  Without it, your spouse will  need to apply for permission to take these decisions causing unnecessary delay and can costing thousands.


Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Inheritance Tax (IHT)  is a tax on the estate of someone who’s died. Their estate is defined as the total value of their assets less the total value of their liabilities.  After deducting their tax free allowances any remaining amount is taxed at 40%.  However, there are ways to mitigate and reduce your IHT liability



Funeral Plans

The cost of a complete funeral is significantly outstripping inflation often leaving bereaved relaives unable to pay for a funeral for more than a year or needing to borrow from friends and family.  Not surprisingly over half a million people in the UK have taken out some form of funeral plan, which caps the price of a funeral at today's prices



There are many ways in which you can mitigate against Inheritance Tax and Trusts whether written in a Will or produced in your lifetime are a powerful way to do so.  Mitigating against Inheritance Tax is an all important part of Estate Planning


Probate & Estate Administration 

Estate administration is the process of dealing with a person’s legal and tax affairs after they’ve died. This means dealing with all their assets (such as property, shares and personal possessions), paying debts and paying any Inheritance Tax and Income Tax. Whatever's left is transferred to beneficiaries.