I have been writing Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney for nearly 12 years and I am pleased to announce I have been accepted as a full member of the Society of Will Writers.  Having written your Will(s) you know that I spend whatever time is needed to fully explain your options.  I make the exercise as comfortable as possible and ultimately giving you a tax-efficient Will, which has been independently checked to make sure it fully meets your requirements and addresses the concerns you had at the outset.

Whilst Will Writing is not a regulated industry, (yes even your next door neighbour can set themselves up in a Will writing business with absolutely no qualifications), we treat is as though it were regulated.  We have a compliance team which set out the way I am to operate, they check every Will I write to ensure it fully meets your wishes and I carry a £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for your added protection.

If you have a friend or relative that you know does not have a Will, please give them my details.

Steer them well away from online services that offer cheap Wills, such as Nine Minute Wills that only charge £19.99 for a single Will or £29.99 for a joint Will.  Yes, it is cheap and those using their service will not get the 2 hours or more I spend face-to-face with my clients taking their instructions and discussing their options.  Companies that offer such cheap Wills write themselves in as the Executor for which they charge a high fee, as much 4% of the Estate in the case of Nine Minute Wills.  So, in the London area where an Estate can easily be above a million pounds, their fees at 4% on a £1m Estate would amount to a staggering £40,000 plus a 25% uplift on disbursements!

We work with Premier Solicitors to ensure you get charged a fixed fee fair and proper and commensurate with their work acting in the capacity as Executor.  So if you know someone who has recently suffered a bereavement let me take away the burden, worry and pressure of the administration of the deceased’s Estate at such an upsetting and distressing time.

So, if you know of anyone without a Will or who has suffered a bereavement, please pass on my details.  I get nearly all my new clients from referrals and don’t want to be the industry’s best kept secret!


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